Our Story


Who are we?

Norseman Nutrition Farm is a family-owned  farm based in East Cheshire using organic farming methodologies

Farming is our passion and has been in our family for decades. 

Our farm

 At Norseman Nutrition Farm, we grow honeyberries and berry plants such as Goji and Wonderberry.

Honeyberries, also known as Haskaps, are berries native to Japan, are higher in antioxidants compared to the blueberry and are delicious when fresh, in jams or powdered. 

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Why Honeyberries?

There has been a recent explosion in the popularity of boutique fruit.

People are finally rediscovering the delights of heritage produce in all sorts of weird and whacky shapes. 

One unique berry that still doesn't receive the recognition it deserves is the Haskap or Honeyberry. 

These small peculiar shaped berries have three times the Antioxidants of Blueberries!

Honeyberries have been found to strengthen your immune system, reduce cell damage and aid tissue repair.

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Cheshire Berry Farm