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Norseman Nutrition

Wonder Berry plants (Solanum burbankii)

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Wonder berries (Solanum burbankii) are an excellent sources of Vitamin C and other antioxidants - a super food. Why not grow your own?

Pick them when they are black and enjoy in preserves and pies. Do not pick or eat unripe green berries.

Sold in 1L pots from our own nursery.

Product description

A berry you sure won't find at any supermarket! Developed by Luther Burbank in the early 1900s. The Wonderberry grows as a bushy, erect shrub which reaches on average a height of 12 and 24 inches. Plants produce clusters of small round berries about the size of blueberries and will turn from green to shiny black-blue when ripe. Wonderberries have a juicy, highly seeded interior and offer a soft texture and mild, just slightly sweet flavour when ripe. Wonderberries are rarely eaten raw; rather, they are best cooked with sugar as a jam, jelly or pie filling.

The plants are exceedingly easy to grow and care is similar to the tomato, except that wonderberries tend to be less picky about temperature and water, and generally fruit much faster. Can be grown in full or part sun outdoors, or in a sunny window.